UFS Explorer has been developed as the most comprehensive solution for fast access and easy recovery of valuable data

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UFS Explorer software solutions for data access and recovery

SysDev Laboratories offers the UFS Explorer software which is ideally suited to solving various problems of data loss or access to undamaged files. The applications work with diverse types of internal and external physical storage devices, like hard disk drives, USB sticks, memory cards, RAID systems of various complexity, NAS and DAS, either non-encrypted or protected with modern encryption techniques, along with disk images and virtual machines of most popular suppliers of virtualization software, like VMware, Hyper-V and VirtualBoх.

The software allows finding and copying a file of any existing format from a whole range of file systems used in different environments, including Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux and UNIX-based operating systems like BSD, and recognizes a wide set of modern storage technologies such as Linux LVM, Apple Core Storage and Fusion Drive, Synology Hybrid RAID and Drobo BeyondRAID.

Here you can find the most typical data-related issues and ways how they can be addressed by standard means of the operating system or with the help of UFS Explorer as an advantageous alternative to costly data recovery services.

Data recovery solutions

Get a perfect solution for your particular case of data loss depending on its cause (accidental deletion, OS failure, etc.), type of storage medium and operating system together with step-by-step instructions and useful recommendations.

Data access solutions

Learn how you can make use UFS Explorer to immediately regain access to important files, whether it is hampered by the incompatibility of file systems or the need to run a virtual machine.

Choosing data recovery software

Get a profound overview about the choice of an apt piece of software for your specific data loss case. Choose the right application in regard to your storage device, operating and file system types along with your level of expertise.