UFS Explorer has been developed as the most comprehensive solution for fast access and easy recovery of valuable data

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UFS Explorer software solutions for data access and recovery

SysDev Laboratories, a group of experienced professionals in the field of data access and data recovery, offers the UFS Explorer software which is ideally suited to solving problems of data loss or data access issues. The software applications work with diverse types of internal and external storages as well as virtual machines. UFS Explorer recovers files of all formats from a wide variety of file systems and provides access to undamaged files. This efficient do-it-yourself data recovery software is an advantageous alternative to costly data recovery services.

Data recovery solutions

Find a perfect solution for your particular case of data loss: accidental deletion, OS failure, storage formatting, file system corruption and many others.

Data access solutions

Get a profound overview of efficient solutions for data access issues including problems with incompatibility and retrieval of data stored on a virtual machine.

Choosing data recovery software

Get helpful recommendations on choosing an apt piece of software for your specific data loss case. A detailed description of the functionality of each application in respect of the most common data loss cases will help you to choose the software quickly and efficiently.