Knowledge base articles on data recovery

Fundamentals of data recovery

Whether you are getting started with data recovery or want to gain a deeper understanding of this notion, the articles in this section will take you through its basic principles, help you to estimate the chances for success in various data loss scenarios, explain the peculiarities of this process depending on the operating system platform and give some helpful recommendations on performing a do-it-yourself data recovery procedure.

Overview of storage technologies

This section is focused on a variety of ways and methods used to store and manage information in modern computer systems. The articles will give you an idea on how data is organized by technologies like NAS, RAID, BeyondRAID, Synology Hybrid RAID, LVM, Apple Core Storage and Fusion Drive, etc. as well as their benefits and most common data loss issues.

Storage device specificities

The section is devoted to the features that are characteristic for devices of a certain model or manufacturer. Using this information, you can familiarize yourself with their technological peculiarities and typical problems that may arise in the course of their operation. With such a background, it will be much easier for you to approach a data recovery procedure and handle any possible complications.

Basic concepts and procedures

The articles in this section provide the basic information that may be required during work with UFS Explorer and demonstrate how you can perform the principal procedures implemented in the software, from scanning the storage device with the goal of recovering deleted files to evaluation and saving the obtained scan results.

How to recover data from...

This section contains articles and useful video instructions with the demonstration of data recovery from a variety of storage devices, including ones that employ encryption or specific storage technologies, like Linux LVM, Microsoft Storage Spaces, Apple Fusion Drive, Drobo BeyondRAID, ZFS RAID-Z and many others.

Work with enterprise storage

In this section, you can find a collection of articles and video demonstrations offering proven techniques and best practices for data recovery from various enterprise storage platforms. Whether you're dealing with a SAN storage array or another specialized solution, follow the advice and step-by-step guidance from our experts to navigate through your data loss scenario with maximum efficiency.

Guides to connecting drives

Here's everything you need to know about the primary drive interfaces, their distinctive features and techniques they rely on to establish connection with the computer system. Having determined the type of drive you have, you can choose the most optimal method for attaching it to the computer and find detailed steps that will let you complete the procedure with no trouble.

Practical recommendations

This section offers helpful tips and guides related to the practical side of data recovery, from  removing and connecting parts of the hardware involved in the process to proper handling of specific cases or particular issues encountered during the procedure, like disk defects, access to drives blocked by the operating system, need to create search rules for files of a proprietary format and others.

User manuals and instructions

This section provides setup instructions and detailed user manuals for the UFS Explorer products:

Key terms explained

The special terminology encountered in data recovery guides may leave you confused if you are not an expert, but it is crucial to interpret is properly to be able to follow the provided instructions. This section includes articles that define certain terms frequently used in the context of data recovery. It is recommended to get the drift of them before moving on to the actual practice of restoring your files.

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