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SysDev Laboratories regularly brings out minor and major updates for the UFS Explorer software to ensure its stability, address issues uncovered in previous releases and provide new functionality.

Minor software updates are revisions of the product which include fixes of software bugs or small functional enhancements and are made within the same major version of the software (e.g. 7.1 to 7.2).

Major updates involve extensive improvements or significant enhancements to the software.

To keep your data recovery software up-to-date and be able to take advantage of all new features, bug fixes, enhancements, etc. you can easily upgrade the UFS Explorer product you've purchased to the latest available version.

According to the UFS Explorer software Updates policy, owners of licenses for UFS Explorer of version 7 and higher are entitled to receive both minor and major software upgrades during 360 days at no extra cost.

Owners of licenses for UFS Explorer of version 5 can receive minor software upgrades free of cost. Upgrades of such products to more advanced releases or updates of older UFS Explorer software to the current versions are offered for an additional charge.

To check the upgrade options available for the software you've purchased, you will need to specify your current registration code, which will be used to identify the software release you make use of and your license type. Depending on your current software license we can offer you different upgrade options.

Copy the registration code including the dashes and paste it into the field below.

Your software registration code:

Important: If you have any difficulties, please, use the general contact form and provide your name, software registration code, license order reference number, the e-mail address you used to order the software and the software release you would like to upgrade to.