About the company

SysDev Laboratories LLC

SysDev Laboratories LLC is one of the world’s leading software development companies in the field of data analysis and logical data recovery. With a strong base of professionals competent in various aspects of information technologies and over a decade of constant research, we offer first-rate software solutions paired with qualified support and services across the globe.

SysDev Laboratories LLC was founded in 2008 by a team of software engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists and analysts through re-foundation and expansion of SysDevSoftware PE. Presently, SysDevSoftware is a department of SysDev Laboratories LLC responsible for software design and development, analysis and research in the IT sector.

Highly skilled engineers employed in the company focus at delivering software products of exceptional quality which solve even the most challenging data-related tasks, ensuring its total security and providing best user experience. Ongoing studies and development help us to implement innovative data recovery techniques and always be in sync with modern market trends. Our tools and services cover the needs of a broad range of users, from novices to experts working in specialized data recovery laboratories. Our loyal client base includes individuals, companies, governmental agencies and educational institutions worldwide.

UFS Explorer software

UFS Explorer (Universal File System Explorer) was first released in December 2004 by SysDevSoftware PE as a data access solution for non-Windows file systems. Later on, SysDevSoftware PE began researches in the sphere of data recovery and created a set of software tools for data recovery in addition to data access. UFS Explorer software is constantly improved and adjusted to the growing demands of modern users.

Today the UFS Explorer software range offers a variety of data recovery and data access utilities to match even the most demanding customers' requirements. Powerful mechanisms and unique features allow UFS Explorer software to deal with data access and recovery tasks of any complexity and cover a vast majority of operating systems, file systems and storages including complex RAID systems, NAS, DAS, and virtual machines.

In 2008, SysDev Laboratories LLC became the legal owner of UFS Explorer software with the right to use, modify and sub-license UFS Explorer under agreements with the Author. UFS Explorer is copyrighted by Bogdan G. Shulga (the Author) as stated in Certificate of Copyright registration #23163, issued by State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine.

UFS Explorer software product is a subject of copyright. The rights of the Author and the Owner of UFS Explorer are protected by Ukrainian copyright laws, other copyright laws and international treaties.