UFS Explorer:
data recovery and access
A data recovery software range for data loss cases of any complexity. Get a universal cross-platform tool for any data recovery task.
Works on: Windows, macOS and Linux
Immediate access
to any storage
With support of various storage technologies, UFS Explorer is handy and safe software for retrieving data lost from any internal or external storage.
Get a perfect solution for any data loss challenge
Immediate access
customer support
Expert assistance and remote data recovery services will help you to get a complete solution for your data loss case.
Get your question answered by an experienced specialist
customer support
Comprehensive toolkit
in one application
A reliable piece of software featuring a broad set of tools for technical specialists and experts in the field of data recovery.
Extend your professional capacities with an advanced assistant
UFS Explorer Professional

Retrieve files lost due to various reasons:

Accidental deletion deleting files from a Bin or by pressing Shift+Delete
Hardware defects problems that occur due to bad blocks or other signs of physical damage
File system corruption file system damage due to software or hardware error
Software malfunction erroneous use of software or use of ill-conceived apps
Storage formatting formatting the storage accidentally or intentionally
Virus attack data loss caused by a virus from the web or another storage

Get software which perfectly fits your demands

UFS Explorer software solutions serve technical experts helping to extract the needed information in practically any case of data loss.

Useful features:
  • instant access to the intact content
  • file system reconstruction
  • five types of scan for lost data
  • "pause", "resume" and "save" options
  • preview of most common file types
  • advanced search with filters
  • copying recovered files "in bulk"
Advanced possibilities for work with:
  • disk encryption (BitLocker, LUKS, FileVault 2, APFS)
  • standard, nested and custom RAID levels
  • Drobo BeyondRAID, RAID-Z, Btrfs-RAID, Synology SHR
  • Apple Core Storage, Linux LVM, Microsoft LDM and Storage Spaces
  • virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V, XEN, ESX, VirtualBox, QEMU, etc.)
  • damaged disks (including via DeepSpar Disk Imager)
  • SCSI and SAS drives with non-standard sector sizes
Comprehensive toolkit for specialists:
  • configurable procedure for opening storages
  • "read-once" access with saving of processed data
  • highly customizable disk imager
  • creation and use of defects maps
  • advanced functionality for data analysis and editing
  • parallel search and data comparison
  • parity calculator
  • auto-span tool

The UFS Explorer software range

Comprehensive software solutions for recovering and getting access to data from various storages. UFS Explorer deals with both common and complicated tasks. Enhanced with additional features for professionals, the software offers a data recovery procedure that is clear for home users.

Data recovery tools
Data access tools
UFS ExplorerStandard Recovery
Efficient in covering most common data loss cases.
UFS ExplorerRAID Recovery
Suitable for RAID-specific tasks and standard cases.
UFS ExplorerNetwork RAID
Apt for distributed data recovery over LAN
UFS ExplorerProfessional Recovery
Ideal for handling complex data loss cases.
Data access tools
UFS ExplorerStandard Access
Perfect for getting access to non-damaged data.

User reviews

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery
UFS Explorer
Professional Recovery

Great tool!

I lost a RAID5 array on my Buffalo NAS. Just a couple of minutes ago, I bought UFS Explorer, followed the online manual step-by-step and within 5 minutes I got my data back.

— Romano CIBIEN

UFS Explorer RAID Recovery
UFS Explorer
RAID Recovery

Your product worked very well

Was able to recover several hundred pictures and videos from our recent Disney trip that I had inadvertently deleted during a wrong-way file synch with my NAS. Your product worked very well, took a *long* time, but in the end it was worth it!

— Ran

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery
UFS Explorer
Standard Recovery

I am recovering my data - you guys are the absolute best.

Unbelievable - the Standard Edition of your software is working, I am recovering my data - you guys are the absolute best. Buffalo would have me spending $2000+ on data recovery, that's their only advice.

— Gregory Gibbons

UFS Explorer Access Recovery
UFS Explorer
Standard Access

The ufs explorer is a very nice tool..

i will talk with next week with my it-manager (at work) to buy a commercial license ... i need a tool to read ext2, ext3 and raiserfs file systems on windows machines and recover fat and ntfs disks from user workstations (recover crashed disks or deleted files) ... all with one product ... very good.

— Andre Bauer EPC-Firmengruppe

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