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These articles provide basic information and helpful recommendations concerning data access and recovery.

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General articles General articles

The articles in this section provide information about basic data recovery and data access principles depending on file systems and type of storage. These articles give helpful recommendations for do-it-yourself data recovery. The subsection “OS-specific data recovery” reviews the peculiarities of data recovery process on platforms with different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux and BSD. In the subsection “Storage technologies” various ways of organizing and storing information are analyzed, with special focus on RAID, NAS and virtualization.

How to How to...

The “How to...” section is divided into two parts, which are “Preparing hardware for recovery”, where videos and guides on connecting and removing the parts of the hardware involved in the recovery process are given. The second subsection offers a detailed description of the specific cases of data recovery, including recovery from NAS, RAID and virtual machines.

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