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These articles provide basic information and helpful recommendations as to data recovery and access to files.

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General information

Whether you are getting started with data recovery or want to gain a deeper understanding of this notion, the articles in this section will take you through its basic principles, help you to estimate the chances for success in various data loss scenarios, explain the peculiarities of this process depending the operating system platform and give some helpful recommendations on performing a do-it-yourself data recovery procedure.

How to...

The "How to..." section is divided into two parts, which are "Preparing hardware for recovery", where videos and guides on connecting and removing the parts of the hardware involved in the recovery process are given, and "Recovery process step-by-step", which offers a detailed description of the specific cases of data recovery, including recovery from NAS, RAID and virtual machines.

Storage technologies

This section is focused on a variety of ways and methods used to store and manage information in modern computer systems. The articles will give you an idea on how data is organized by technologies like RAID, BeyondRAID, SHR, LVM, Apple Core Storage and Fusion Drive, etc. as well as their benefits and most common data loss issues.