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Data recovery after OS failure using a different computer

If the hard drive doesn't sound in an unusual manner and the computer does detect the disk without reporting any problems with it, the hard drive is luckily intact. Even if the operating system won't boot, it doesn't mean that the data is lost forever in this case. Using proper software and following simple recommendations you have great chances to recover lost files with help of UFS Explorer Standard Recovery.

Recovering lost data from a hard drive after an OS failure can be done using another computer, when the drive can be removed from the failed computer and connected to another PC.

The data recovery procedure:

  1. Carefully remove the drive from a failed PC.

  2. Connect the drive to a working PC with the preinstalled UFS Explorer software as described in How to: Connect IDE/SATA drive to a PC. It's strongly recommended to create a disk image of the drive after connecting it to another PC.

  3. Launch UFS Explorer.

  4. Choose the connected drive for scanning and the file system for recovery.

  5. Press Recover to start scanning. Specify general scan parameters if needed and press Start.

  6. After the scanning process is over, browse through the found files and folders, choose the needed ones and save them to a secure storage.

Note: never save the recovered data to the storage you lost it from, this can lead to irreversible data loss.

Last update: 05.07.2018