UFS Explorer is developed as the most comprehensive solution for fast access and easy recovery of valuable data

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Data access solutions for external storages

External storages have gained huge popularity in the modern world. However, a wide choice of such media created a problem of incompatibility, making valuable files inaccessible and the storages themselves unrecognizable by other operating systems.

When you know for sure that the files aren't damaged, but you can't open them, UFS Explorer Standard Access is the solution. Supporting various operating and file system types, the program is capable of retrieving data from external storages. The software works in the read-only mode to ensure 100%-safety of your files.

To get access to intact data:

  1. Download, install and launch UFS Explorer Standard Access.

  2. Choose the storage in the list of the detected storages or open the device by specifying a full path to it.

  3. Work with the needed files in the explorer mode.

Last update: 05.07.2018