deepspar disk imager support in professional and network raid editions of ufs explorer

UFS Explorer now works with DeepSpar Disk Imager


Striving to ensure full compliance of UFS Explorer with modern market trends and maintain the highest standard of its quality, SysDev Laboratories regularly offers updates for the software product. This time, the newly released version 7.11, along with certain improvements to the existing functions, has brought a brand-new feature to the Professional and Network RAID editions which is aimed at improving the efficiency of data recovery when dealing with defective storage media through hardware means which grant direct low-level access to the disk bypassing BIOS.

From now on the software supports DeepSpar Disk Imager – a specialized device used to create images of hard drives which have various reading issues, like bad blocks. (More detailed information can be found on the website of the manufacturer.)

Using one of the two products one can easily connect to DDI via the network, access the content of the unstable drive attached to it, scan the storage for lost files or use this disk to build RAID for further data recovery operations without any third-party instruments needed. The read timeout, block size and other parameters can be configured directly in the software interface and changed during the process to achieve the most optimal performance which makes it possible to retrieve a maximum amount of intact data in the shortest period of time, reducing the possibility of the degraded drive to fail during reading. Furthermore, the programs allow opening an image file created by DDI and process it instead of the original physical storage.

If you want to test the new feature, please, make sure that you agree to install the update when prompted or download the free trial version of the software. To see how it works under different operating systems, you may also familiarize yourself with the following video-presentation:

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