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Best alternatives to UFS Explorer Professional Recovery for you to try out


UFS Explorer Professional Recovery has proved to a dependable piece of software helping out even in the most serious data disasters. The tool is widely known in the technical circles for being second to none when it comes to challenging tasks while its unparalleled set of functions covers almost any logical data recovery case imaginable. However, intended mainly for professional use, the product is rather costly, and the price tag is apparently too high for many to make an on-the-spot purchase.

This list of data recovery tools has been compiled for those who are interested in more budget alternatives to UFS Explorer Professional Recovery but are not considering the possibility to save costs at the expense of effectiveness. Designed by the same development team, the presented utilities can offer the equal quality of data recovery and despite higher affordability, will perfectly replace it in the majority of situations.

Depending on the complexity of issues you are planning to solve, you may look into the following options:

UFS Explorer RAID Recovery

UFS Explorer RAID Recovery is a decent alternative to the Professional edition for work with both simple digital media, like internal and external hard drives, memory cards, USB sticks, virtual disks used in different environments and complex storages, including RAID and RAID-based NAS devices. The program includes the same mechanisms for efficient reconstruction of RAID and supports a broad range of RAID technologies used by different NAS vendors, including Drobo, Synology, QNAP and Western Digital. Damaged disks and disk arrays can be processed using a controlled disk-imaging procedure, maps of bad blocks created in the utility or by compatible third-party solutions and other means aimed at the most "delicate" retrieval of the needed data. The application works in the safe read-only mode and provides numerous helpful features, including direct access to the non-damaged data, search for lost partitions, customizable scanning, instant preview of the file content, search for specific items, file filters, extended reports on the recovered data and many others.

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery

UFS Explorer Standard Recovery has everything necessary for efficient tackling of common cases of data loss, like deleted files, formatted or corrupted storages and others. Along with all simple physical devices, the application works with virtual drives of popular virtualization systems and spanned volumes created by means of Windows, Linux and macOS (LDM, LVM, Disk Utility, etc.). The software uses analogous techniques to scan disks and restore their logical structure, providing maximally effective and safe data recovery operations. In addition, the program offers a configurable disk imager and the same set of supplementary options as more advanced editions: immediate access to the intact content of partitions, reconstruction of lost file systems, files preview, sorting, filtering and others. The price and functionality of the tool make it an excellent substitute for UFS Explorer Professional Recovery in everyday data recovery tasks.

Recovery Explorer

recovery explorer programs

Recovery Explorer resembles UFS Explorer in its interface and functions but is more user-friendly. The software is cross-platform and is similarly represented by the Standard, RAID and Professional editions that match the corresponding range of data recovery cases. Recovery Explorer Standard is suitable for work with simple storages, like internal or portable hard disks, thumb drives, memory cards, virtual disks, etc. and is mostly targeted at common instances of data loss. Recovery Explorer RAID is perfect for dealing with complex storage systems, including RAID, RAID-based NAS, LVMs and other composite volumes. Recovery Explorer Professional will ideally cope with complicated tasks, among which is data recovery from encrypted devices, ones employing highly specific technologies, virtual machines, seriously corrupted storages and other situations requiring expert-level tools.

Besides a more affordable pricing policy, Recovery Explorer offers a simplified Wizard-based mode that can be activated in the Standard and RAID editions of the software. This option may be exceptionally useful for those performing data recovery for the first time as well as users who need to get their data back as soon as possible without going into any details or changing any extra configurations.

A complete list of differences between UFS Explorer and Recovery can be found on the Recovery Explorer website.

Raise Data Recovery

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Raise Data Recovery is an excellent solution for novice users as it makes the data recovery procedure as easy as several mouse clicks. The application incorporates professional reconstruction and recovery techniques that are sealed under a very intuitive interface. What’s more, each step of the process is accompanied by helpful tips and instructions. The software is cross-platform as well and supports RAID storages of basic configurations in addition to simple internal and external digital media. The program works with the most common file systems of Windows, macOS and Linux that are all covered by a single license. It also allows choosing a between two support period options, making it possible to get short-time or prolonged access to the software updates. An economical price and usability make Raise Data Recovery a great alternative to UFS Explorer for beginners.

  • Price: from $34.95

  • Raise Data Recovery webpage:

  • Installation platform: Windows, Linux, macOS

Though UFS Explorer Professional Recovery has an exceptional combination of features and functions, the described products are also worth exploring and may appear to be beneficial alternatives to it, depending on your data recovery requirements.