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Data access solutions

With plenty of opportunities offered by the modern IT market, users can choose freely from a wide range of hardware and software that meets most challenging requirements. Yet, the abundance of choice also has its drawbacks: Incompatibility issues, conflicts of different file systems and computer's inability to recognize a connected storage may lead to the situation when you cannot access files you urgently need.

Lack of access to data doesn’t mean that this data is gone. Reliable data access software will help you to find the way out of such a tough situation. Through the years of software development, SysDev Laboratories has improved UFS Explorer Standard Access as an optimal solution to file access issues. The software was created for opening files on disk partitions of supplementary operating systems (Linux, BSD, macOS), retrieving data from portable storages formatted with different file systems, accessing data on a virtual machine without starting and configuring it.

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Last update: 05.07.2018