Recovery of files deleted in macOS – UFS Explorer
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UFS Explorer is developed as the most comprehensive solution for fast access and easy recovery of valuable data

Deleted files recovery for Apple macOS

Presently, Apple macOS applies two file systems: traditional HFS+ and recently released APFS. These systems are basic for Apple products including Mac PC, iPhone, iPod etc.

The HFS+ file system has a specific way of deleting files, making the recovery process complicated. While deleting, the system completely wipes all information about the file. Nevertheless, the file remains in the system and can be recovered if OS has not re-used the journal and cataloged the information yet. Due to limited time for keeping the file in the system, the best recovery result can be achieved if the system is scanned as soon as possible after deleting the file.

The Apple File System (APFS) is the new file system to replace the existing HFS+. APFS is specially designed for solid-state storage, thus is perfectly able to suit the needs of modern computers and mobile devices. APFS replaces journaling with a new efficient copy-on-write metadata scheme, which keeps the old data around for the duration of the writing procedure to make sure that updates to the file system are crash protected.

SysDev Laboratories offers UFS Explorer and Recovery Explorer to recover deleted files from APFS and the additional plugin of Raise Data Recovery for HFS+ as a product specially created for recovery of deleted files from the HFS+ file system. This powerful utility provides maximum possible recovery result from Apple macOS. The embedded IntelliRAW mechanism increases recovery chances for the HFS+ file system minimizing the fragmentation of files.

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