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UFS Explorer is developed as the most comprehensive solution for fast access and easy recovery of valuable data

Accidentally deleted files. An emergency?

Deleting files by mistake in most of cases is nothing to panic about. Deleted files might be retrievable. The means vary. The simplest situation is when the files can be simply recovered from the recycle bin or got back by means of the operating system. The situation is more complicated when the files were deleted by emptying or bypassing the recycle bin (pressing Shift+Delete, using command line or applications that delete files without putting them to a recycle bin). Then the files are no longer accessible from the operating system, in case when they are not overwritten, they might be recovered by means of specialized data recovery software.

SysDev Laboratories offer UFS Explorer for such cases of data loss. The software works with any file types – documents, presentations, images, music, videos, database files etc. With a powerful and rapid scan engine, the tool recovers files created in any operating system on a great variety of storage devices: from portable media to complex RAID.

Note: For successful recovery never write anything to the disk that contains the files you want to recover. Otherwise, the files will be overwritten, which will cause permanent data loss.

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