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UFS Explorer is developed as the most comprehensive solution for fast access and easy recovery of valuable data

Data access solutions

IT-market today offers its customers plenty of opportunities. You can choose freely from a wide range of hardware and software responding your needs and meeting your most challenging requirements. Unfortunately, the abundance of choice also has its drawbacks. Incompatibility of different operating systems chosen to be installed onto the same machine, a conflict of different file systems of an external storage and PC may cause a situation when you can't access the files you urgently need.

However, a reliable data access software will help you to find the way out of such a tough situation. Through the years of practice, SysDev Laboratories has improved UFS Explorer Standard Access as an optimal solution to file access problem. The software was developed with the purpose to open files from disk partitions of alternative OS such as Linux, BSD, macOS etc., retrieve data from removable storages formatted using different file systems, access data on a virtual machine without its start and configuration. Thus, UFS Explorer Standard Access will be a perfect cost-efficient solution to get access to the files.

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