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Data recovery after OS failure with the Emergency Recovery CD

Lost files can be recovered even if the operating system failed and cannot be booted. When removing the hard drive from the computer is impossible or undesirable, one might consider recovering data with the help of a live CD – a bootable installation that includes an operating system and data recovery software which runs directly from a CD-ROM or similar storage device, like USB flash drive, external HDD, etc. and doesn't require pre-installation to the hard drive.

For such cases, SysDev Laboratories offers UFS Explorer Backup and Recovery CD which includes the Ubuntu Linux operating system and the UFS Explorer data recovery software for restoring lost files from an unbootable operating system or for cases when running operating system is undesirable.

How to recover data with the Emergency Recovery CD:

  1. Download the UFS Explorer Backup and Emergency Recovery CD ISO file to a portable storage device (this can be a CD, USB flash drive or external hard disk drive).
  2. Connect the storage device to the computer.

  3. Boot the computer from a CD (USB flash drive) in the way described in the instructions.

  4. In Ubuntu, launch UFS Explorer to start data recovery.

  5. Choose the drive for scanning and the file system for recovery.

  6. Press Recover to start scanning. Specify general scan parameters if needed and press Start.

  7. After the scanning process is over, browse through the found files and folders, choose the needed ones and save them to a secure storage.

Note: never save the recovered data to the storage you lost it from, this can lead to irreversible data loss.

To use UFS Explorer on a live CD, any valid license for UFS Explorer (version for Linux) is required.

Last update: 05.07.2018