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Data recovery from encrypted storages

The need for information security in the world that almost fully relies on digital technologies is undoubted. Protection of sensitive data has become a matter of a great concern in different life spheres: client and partner information, intellectual property items, business plans or accountancy and simply any personal data, like health or financial information. Data storage encryption is presently available for all inclined to keep their data safe and secure.

Yet, disk encryption protects data from thieves and malicious software, but it won't be able to save it from failures or damages within the system. As the encryption key is stored somewhere on the disk in the way that depends on cipher algorithm, it's obvious that it can be lost just like any other data on your storage. The loss of an encryption key leads to the inability to access the data inside the system. It remains encrypted and the key to decrypt it is missing.

Today's common belief is that encrypted data goes for good together with the encryption key. SysDev Laboratories developed a tool for recovery of an encrypted data – UFS Explorer Professional Recovery recognizes a variety of encryption algorithms including LUKS, AES (Rijndael), Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish, etc. and supports different chaining modes, such as popular CBC and more complicated XTS. The software offers recovery of encrypted data from a variety of storage systems including NAS.

Last update: 05.07.2018