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UFS Explorer is developed as the most comprehensive solution for fast access and easy recovery of valuable data

Data recovery after OS failure with the emergency recovery CD

Lost files can be recovered even if the operating system failed. If you want to keep the hard drive in your computer, you might consider booting the machine from a CD with an operating system that functions from the CD and doesn't require pre-installation to the hard drive. SysDev Laboratories advises to apply UFS Explorer Backup and Emergency Recovery CD with Ubuntu Linux system to recover lost files from an unbootable operating system or for cases when running operating system is undesirable.

UFS Explorer Backup and Emergency Recovery CD can be booted off a CD completely independently of your hard disk drive and working in a safe read-only mode will provide an environment which will allow you to recover lost data to any external storage, including network shared folders without risk of extra damage to your lost data. The CD includes all latest editions of UFS Explorer products for recovery of lost files from failed operating system both with a corrupted and intact file system.

To use UFS Explorer on Live CD, you need any valid license for UFS Explorer Standard Recovery (version for Linux).

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