Terms and conditions of refunding

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General provisions

The terms and conditions below are an extension and a part of the Public Offer End User License Agreement (EULA). By taking any actions upon Software you accept the terms of EULA, Refund Policy, Upgrade Policy and other related documents as per p.14 of EULA.

The customer can anytime download the software from the Software web site. After the software license is purchased, the registration code (p.1.d of EULA) is delivered to the Customer.

In case of license cancellation for any reason, SysDev Laboratories can not control software downloads and use of the registration code by the Customer. For this reason and in order to confirm the legitimacy of user’s order cancellation request, it can only be processed according to the conditions given below.

Refund conditions

The customer is entitled to request full or partial software license fee refund (money back) according to the Refund Request Term if ALL following conditions are met:

  • Customer tested Trial Software before purchasing software license;
  • the software fails to process critical operation due to a software error;
  • the failed operation is not available in the Trial Software due to the Trial Limits or does not fail in Trial Software;
  • the failure of operation is not caused by hardware problems;
  • SysDev Laboratories are unable to supply replacement software that can perform failed operation within 7 days term from the date of the problem report;
  • the request for a refund was posted to a reseller or to SysDev Laboratories in the period of Refund request term.

Refund request is rejected if:

  • Customer did not try Trial Software (using Software Evaluation License) to check if required function is available in the ordered software;
  • the operation reported as 'failed' is NOT available in the software according to software specification;
  • the request was sent after the end of the Refund request term.

Special offers

We offer the following options instead of software license refund:

  • software license replacement according to Software Upgrade Policy in case when a user ordered a wrong software version by mistake;
  • software support or paid assistance service, in case when a user has insufficient expertise to complete operations conducted by the software;
  • professional services of SysDev Laboratories instead of using the ordered software. In this case, ordered software license will be kept or canceled with its price deduction from the service fee.

Refund request terms

The software license refund can be processed only in case when all Refund conditions are met.

If Refund conditions are met, SysDev Laboratories processes full software license refund within 14 days term from the date of the software license purchase according to Clause 4 of the Article 13 of the Law of Ukraine #1023-XII dated 12.05.1991 (“About Consumer Protection”).

A refund request may be considered to be processed in 30-day term from the date of the software license purchase.