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Data access solutions on PC with different operating systems

Windows remains the most popular operating system for the majority of users, but not the only one. Fortunately, modern computer technologies allow installing more than one operating system on the same machine. It's also possible to add a newer or older system version to an existing one and then choose which one to load from the boot menu. This opportunity would be ideal but for one disadvantage: incompatibility of the operating systems may lead to the impossibility to open an urgently required file on another operating system.

A perfect solution for such cases is UFS Explorer Standard Access. This software provides fast access to files from one system on another without starting the system. The safe read-only mode used by the program makes UFS Explorer Standard Access a reliable assistant in data access.

To get access to intact data:

  1. Download, install and launch UFS Explorer Standard Access.

  2. Choose the storage in the list of the detected storages or open the device by specifying a full path to it.

  3. Work with the needed files in the explorer mode.

Last update: 05.07.2018