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Raise Data Recovery
Raise Data Recovery

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Raise Data Recovery Windows Support
Raise Data Recovery
Windows Support
Raise Data Recovery macOS Support
Raise Data Recovery
macOS Support
Raise Data Recovery Linux Support
Raise Data Recovery
Linux Support
Ex2, Ext3, Ext, ReiserFS, UFS, JFS, XFS

After you’ve made an order, you’ll receive your personal Registration Code that can be activated under any of the supported operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS) to remove the Trial Limitations for the corresponding set of file systems within a particular software version. The code is delivered via email within 15-60 minutes after the payment of the License Fee.

Although every Raise Data Recovery edition is dedicated to a specific set of file systems of a single operating system, the program is able to recognize other operating system file systems. However, each edition provides access and allows recovering files only from the file systems it was intended for. So, please make sure the file system you need to recover data from is in the list of supported systems of the software edition you’re up to purchase.

Please note that any of the above mentioned products can be used only for non-profit purposes. If you need a piece of software for commercial or wide corporate usage, you may consider the UFS Explorer or Recovery Explorer products that offer more versatile licensing models.

 Personal License:

Applicable for non-commercial use of the software by a single individual or legal person according to the End-User License Agreement. Both for-profit use of the software and its unauthorized transfer are forbidden and lead to the termination of the License. By purchasing a License you confirm that you have read and understood the End-User License Agreement and accept its terms.

For more information about this software and its licensing model, please refer to the Raise Data Recovery website.

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