Licensing conditions

How do I choose the needed type of license?

A license should be chosen in accordance with the intended use of the software. The Personal License can be used by a single individual only for personal or educational purposes on home PCs or one computer at work. The Corporate License can be used on up to ten computers owned by a legal entity, company or organization for corporate non-profit or educational purposes. The Commercial License can be used on one computer owned by a legal entity, company or organization for commercial purposes and providing services. The Government and Academic Licenses may also be provided for use by eligible government organizations and educational institutions. For more detailed information please refer to the software licensing page.

Can I transfer my license to third parties?

No, any unauthorized transfer of a license to third-parties is forbidden and will lead to its termination.

When will my license expire?

The software is distributed in accordance with the perpetual licensing model, so the purchased license is life-time and doesn’t have an expiration date. However, the period during which you can download free updates to the software is limited to 360 days.