What are the system requirements for the software?

The software can be installed on Microsoft Windows starting from XP with Service Pack 3, Apple macOS starting from 10.15 and Debian Linux 6.0 (or compatible) and above. The supported architectures are Intel  (IA-32, x86)  and AMD64 (x86-64). Yet, the requirements may differ for certain software editions, thus please consult the technical specifications of the corresponding product for more accurate information.

How can I download the application?

Visit the download page of the respective software product and choose the download option for your operating system. This way you will obtain the Trial version of the software which can be activated later on through the purchase of a license. Please note that the software should not be downloaded to the storage from which the data will be recovered. Make sure that you use another logical volume or storage device to avoid accidental destruction of the data. Alternatively, you may choose UFS Explorer Backup and Emergency Recovery CD.

How do I install the software?

To install the software simply download the executable file of the chosen product for your operating system. Run the Installer and follow the prompts provided by it. The process is also described in more detail in the installation manual.

How can I remove the program?

If you need to delete the software, please follow its uninstallation instructions for the operating system you use.