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UFS Explorer is developed as the most comprehensive solution for fast access and easy recovery of valuable data

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Data recovery from non-redundant complex data storages

With increasing popularity of devices with high storage capacity, RAID-based systems have become common both in large companies and at home workplaces. Complex data storages that do not employ redundancy include RAID level 0 and JBOD. Both RAID0 and JBOD don't offer fault tolerance thus lessening the chances for complete data recovery even if only one component of a system fails.

Find out more information about different RAID levels and possibility of successful recovery and peculiarities of storing data on RAID.

When recovering data from these systems you should bear in mind that the information is distributed across system components and recovery of lost data from a separate component is impossible. In case of logical corruption of a file system or controller failure, lost data can be recovered with the help of data recovery software.

SysDev Laboratories advises UFS Explorer RAID Recovery and UFS Explorer Professional Recovery as comprehensive solutions for reconstruction of failed RAID and recovery of lost data from complex storage systems. The software allows users to virtually assemble RAID array and ensures proper access to data for further recovery.

These software utilities allow

  • assembling RAID virtually;

  • imitating data distribution algorithm applied by a controller of the given array;

  • reading information on the file system as it is.

Note: If any component fails, data recovery is possible only after the component gets repaired. It's recommended not to conduct this procedure on one’s own and rather take the device to a specialized service center.

Last update: July 5, 2018

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