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User manuals

This section contains user manuals intended to guide you through the use of different UFS Explorer products.

Here you will find installation and activation instructions, generic descriptions of interface components, as well as direct procedures that will assist you in completing specific data recovery tasks. Make sure you’ve read the contents carefully to be able to use the software safely and effectively.

These user manuals assume that you have downloaded the current version of the respective product available on this website or in the Software Store.

If you use an older version of the software, some elements or procedures may differ significantly from the ones described in the manual. In such an event, you may want to check with older manuals released for previous product versions. Yet, please mind that these materials are provided for reference only and are no longer supported:

Please note that the work on our products is always in-progress. They get updated on a regular basis, so these manuals may presumably lack explanations for some of the most recently added functions or features. As we pursue the development, we may make alterations to the content of these manuals, add new chapters or fill in some gaps without having to inform any third-parties.

Should you have any questions or find any critical errors, please feel free to contact us.