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Gregory Gibbons

I am recovering my data - you guys are the absolute best.

Unbelievable - the Standard Edition of your software is working, I am recovering my data - you guys are the absolute best. Buffalo would have me spending $2000+ on data recovery, that's their only advice.

Dave Littlewood


I have just experienced a corruption on my home DUAL Drive NAS box. I turned it off at the wrong moment and a number of my files had a weird date and could not be opened on my PC. When I copied any files to my PC they were all filled with 0's

I downloaded a trial of your XFS tool and could see the content of the files in the hex dump view, but could not copy them as they were over 64k, so I bought a personal licence. I'm happy to confirm I have my files back.

Tom Gerbe

Thanks for writing a great utility.

Here's the scenario: Seagate drive fails after < 1 year. Might be a firmware issue, so I send it back to the company who may pay for recovery services if the baracuda 7200.12 is among the lot of known bad drives. It's not, so they quote me $1,300 to recover the data. They also think I am running ext3, when it's ReiserFS.

I politely ask them to send the drive back since no self-respecting admin is going to pay $1,300 to have some schmuck recover my data when I can do it myself. Found your program, "Raise Data Recovery for ReiserFS" for 30 Euro. Worked like a charm. Saved the day.

Scott Pynn

I have already recommended UFS Explorer to several colleages and friends

I would like to inform you that I have been successful at restoring most, if not all, of my files. I tried software from several other vendors, but only yours was able to correctly rebuild the re-initialized RAID-5 array and the ext3 filesystem, and then recover the lost files. I cannot begin to thank you enough for your support and have already recommended UFS Explorer to several colleages and friends.


Great tool!

I lost a RAID5 array on my Buffalo NAS. Just a couple of minutes ago, I bought UFS Explorer, followed the online manual step-by-step and within 5 minutes I got my data back.

Ben Hanson

I was able to recover 100%, or very close to 100%, of the data that was on the NAS before it got deleted.

I just wanted to pass along how fantastic of a product this is. Yesterday I had a "mishap" with my new Buffalo Linkstation Duo...I hooked an external USB drive to it, this drive had some additional info already on it that I needed to move back to the new NAS. Unfortunately, Buffalo's backup options are confusing and it wasn't clear that the option I chose would DELETE the data on the target first, before copying the data to it from the USB drive!

I started the "backup" job but could tell within a few seconds that something was terribly wrong by the way the Buffalo's hard drives were crunching away. I immediately turned it off and when I switched it back on, my worst fears were confirmed...almost all the data on it had been deleted before I could turn it off!

Among other things, on this NAS was every picture and video we've taken of our kids, and our lives in general, for the past 10 years. To lose this information would have been more devastating than I can even begin to explain.

Immediately I powered the NAS off and started looking for data recovery services. I spoke to one that said they could probably get the data off but it would cost between $1K and $5K, depending on what it took. I was prepared to pay this but wanted to check online first to see what software was available, which is how I found your website.

I decided I couldn't lose anything by trying so I bought the Raise Data Recovery for XFS product, and the RAID Access add-on (the two drives in the Buffalo were configured in a RAID 0 disk span). I hooked the two SATA drives from the NAS up to an XP workstation I have, installed the software, and got to work. The software detected the devices and built the RAID array flawlessly. I started the "Detect deleted data" process and let it run (took about 5 hours). After that I went through all the folders and began the process of copying the data out to an external USB drive.

Although much work remains to rename and sort the files...most of them were no longer named or in any folder structure, I guess because of the way the Buffalo deleted them...best I can tell I was able to recover 100%, or very close to 100%, of the data that was on the NAS before it got deleted.


Your product worked very well

Was able to recover several hundred pictures and videos from our recent Disney trip that I had inadvertently deleted during a wrong-way file synch with my NAS. Your product worked very well, took a *long* time, but in the end it was worth it!

Rodrigo Eggea
COPEL Telecom

UFS Explorer is an excelent product

I have a Iomega Home Media Network and all files disapeared suddenly, and Iomega support doesn't help! It uses XFS filesystem and UFS 4 Standard Edition recovered the lost filesystem and I could recover all my important data with path and filenames!

Cheyne Wallace

Best money I ever spent

Raise Data Recovery for EXt2/3/4 just saved my life. I had done something silly and formatted a hard disk with my life's work and photos on there. I just purchased your tool to recover them and its working! My files are restoring as we speak. Best money I ever spent, thank you!

Issac Silva

This recovery software is amazing, would have saved me hours of work but glad I found it.

I had a NAS drive that must have had a corrupted file and/or someone powered it off during some file transfer, anyway, I was unable to access the drive. I called the manufacturer and they said the only way to get data off the drive was to install Linux. I installed Linux Mint and Ubuntu and both OS's would not let me mount the drive. I spent an entire night, trying to figure out a way to mount the drive and/or some way to access the drive, I had no luck.

I ran into a post (experts-exchange.com) and someone mentioned your software. I downloaded the software and ran the trial. I decided to buy right away. I was able to restore a small file. Shortly after confirming I was able to read the data, I purchased your software. This recovery software is amazing, would have saved me hours of work but glad I found it.

Mike Brydon

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your software.

I had a Buffalo Terastation fail on me yesteday. I spent all of last night trying to rescue it but to no avail. This morning I bought your UFS Explorer Professional Recovery, plugged the drives into a spare PC and within minutes I was retrieving my data. I can't thank you guys enough for this piece of software. I'm now smiling again. Keep up the good work. I'll definitely be recommending this software to my colleagues.

Graham Cant

UFS Explorer is cheap compared to the time and problems caused by a drive crash.

UFS Explorer is fantastic and saved me a lot of hassle. My Buffalo Linkstation would not boot and after finding your software I was able to recover all my files to another drive. I'm glad I did because after re-flashing the Linkstation, it seems to have wiped all the drive so without UFS Explorer I would have lost it all.

(from Germany)

Thank you very much for that masterpiece of recovery software for a really fair price.

I had an ext3 harddisk that my media player destroyed by writing a wrong journal. Moreover after reboot he tried to recover and wrote wrong partition information and then the partition was totally unreadable. I tried a lot of other recovery tools that all were not able to rebuild or recover the large media files recorded by the media player.

But your software is great! It recovers all my recordings. Really all files were detected and rebuild. Thank you very much for that masterpiece of recovery software for a really fair price. Good work!

Sverrir M Sverrisson
Netheimur ehf / Networld Iceland

I want to thank you for a really great software.

I can honestly say that this is the far most best filesystem recovery software I've ever used. Please keep up the good work :)

Arnold Hernandez

Your software is the greatest ever.

Thanks for all your help. I recover all my files.

Neologic Systems

Just wanted to say that I'm VERY impressed with your UFS Explorer product.

I had a corrupted XFS RAID 1 volume. I spent 3 days trying to unravel the data. I tried 11 different file recovery tools under Windows and Linux. But no other tool could even find a partition map. Your product had it totally figured out within 5 minutes. Nice work. And thanks.

Boga Sebastian Nicolae

I recovered all the data.

The problem was that: some bad blok, hardware bad cluster, which cause the system don't know what Type of File System was. UFS Explorer was able to identify that my type of file system was ReiserFS and after that he can saw the entire informatios. I used Windows Platform.

Thanks for your program and thanks for you thought to bulid such a beautiful software and easy to use.

Mark Vilimek

Your software is awesome! A life saver!

If they had a medal of honor for programmers, I would nominate you for it.

Alfonso Batalla

This is amazing!

Around 1tb of photographs were lost when OS-X Raid 0 dissapeared from my system. From then on I saw how my computer was taken to professionals here who were only able to recover file names but no files at all (which btw saved me the stimated recovery price of around 6.000 US$). I brised the web and eventualy bought a couple of programs which either couldnt recover HFS+ or were unable to read my phisycal drives...quite frustrating, as some of the pictures were needed for an exhibition and experts here told me there was nothing to do at all.

UFS people were so kind. They encouraged me to try the software and later buy. It found all my files. I bought it, asked for some more hints, and there I went. It just seconds all my files were in my screen. Everything is back now!. I dont tell you how long the cope took, but thats PC/windows performance against Mac.

Martin P. Posch
Head of IT

It seems that all files could be recoverd because of your great program and your fantastic support.

Bret Miller

Awesome product, easy order/download/activation process, and worked like a charm.

Oh and almost forgot, great price! Now I can celebrate the fact your software recoverd 100% of my data, including baby photos, videos and the countless hours I spent organizing all of my assets. Thanks so much!

Andre Bauer

The ufs explorer is a very nice tool..

i will talk with next week with my it-manager ( at work) to buy a commercial license ... i need a tool to read ext2, ext3 and raiserfs filesystems on windows machines and recover fat and ntfs disks from user workstations (recover crashed disks or deleted files) ... all with one product ... very good.

Chris D'Hondt
J.F. Taylor, Inc.

Much thanks for the XFS support. It works nicely.

Aaron Clow

So far, it works fantastic!! ...

It was well worth the money, even though I'm only going to be using it a short while!

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