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Data Recovery Utility

Data recovery

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Data recovery utilities

Utilities software

UFS Explorer utility software were created as supplementary products to complete UFS Explorer software group. The software serves to assist in data access and data recovery tasks. These utility products can be used in addition to UFS Explorer software for data access and data recovery as well as independently.

UFS Explorer utilities software:

  • works with various operating systems
  • supports diversity of file systems
  • can be applied to different storages
  • facilitates data access and data recovery
CI Hex Viewer

The best solution for low-level data analysis. This program helps handling raw binary data on various storages, disk images, virtual machines and complex RAID-systems. The software supports different operating systems and is distributed free of charge.

UFS Explorer Backup and Emergency Recovery CD

UFS Explorer Backup and Emergency Recovery CD is a supplementary product of the UFS Explorer group providing a back-up copy of the purchased UFS Explorer software. Pre-installed full-featured Linux OS with UFS Explorer recovery software helps to create safe environment in cases of emergency data recovery such as recovery after OS failure or data loss on a system partition.