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UFS Explorer Access Software

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UFS Explorer data access software as a unique tool to access blocked data was created by qualified professionals of the Development and Research department of SysDev Laboratories.

UFS Explorer data access software:

  • supports various operating systems
  • recognizes plenty of file systems
  • accesses files on virtual machines
  • works in a safe read-only mode.
UFS Explorer Standard Access

An optimal solution for safe and easy data access. The software provides rapid access to any file located on an incompatible operating and file system of a PC or an external storage. This program is adjusted to work in an environment of virtual machines giving easy access to files inside the virtual machine or any its copy.

The table below points out major features of UFS Explorer - Access Version:

UFS Explorer features (Access Version)

Standard Access

External modules (plug-ins)


Disk images

Open only

Disk-on-disk data access


Creating automatic span of disk image chunks


Data access on RAID


Changing configuration of assembled virtual RAID


Saving/restoring of virtual RAID configuration


Runtime Software virtual image files (.vim)


Data access from file systems

All supported

Lost partitions detection


Hexadecimal file data review


Microsoft Windows OS:

WinNT 5.0+



Native 64 bit OS versions


Personal License?  price:


Business License?  price:


* - the price of software license does not include prices for optional external modules (plug-ins).