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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the collection of answers to questions that we get most frequently from users contacting our support team. Please check the respective category before making your own inquiry.


Choice of the right software product

How do I choose the necessary edition of UFS Explorer?

UFS Explorer is available in several editions so that each user could choose an optimal set of features and functions. UFS Explorer Standard Recovery perfectly covers most common data loss cases related to linear digital media; UFS Explorer RAID Recovery can be used to process both simple and complex RAID-based storage devices; UFS Explorer Network RAID comprises the functionality of the RAID edition with the possibility of distributed data recovery over LAN in addition to the standard "local" procedure; UFS Explorer Professional Recovery offers the most advanced data recovery toolkit for work with complex storage systems, specific technologies, damaged or severely corrupted storages, etc. For a more illustrative comparison of their capabilities, please refer to the table describing the difference between the products.

What can I do if I ordered a license for the wrong edition?

If you’ve bought a license for a software edition that doesn’t offer the functions you need, you can perform an upgrade to a more advanced UFS Explorer product by paying the difference in the license cost. Another possible alternative is to buy a license for another product and request a refund for the previous license. Please contact us for the available options.

What is the difference between the "edition", "version" and "OS version" of UFS Explorer?

The edition of UFS Explorer is expressed in the name of the product and determines the set of its features and functions, for instance, UFS Explorer Standard Recovery or UFS Explorer Professional Recovery. The version of UFS Explorer is the number used to distribute upgrades and updates for the product. Major software releases are designated by the number to the left of the decimal point whereas minor software updates – by the number to the right of the decimal point, for example, UFS Explorer RAID Recovery 8.1. The OS version of UFS Explorer is an executable file for the installation of the software onto the corresponding operating system, for instance, UFS Explorer Standard Recovery for Windows.

Do I need UFS Explorer or Recovery Explorer? What is the difference?

Recovery Explorer is a perfect alternative to UFS Explorer for both beginners and experienced home users. Please refer to the comparison page to find out the difference in the functionality of the analogous product editions.